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Maria Avila has established herself as an independent dancer, choreographer, and teacher.


Recent achievements include completing a MFA in Dance at York University, being awarded a mentorship to study with Myriam Allard. Receiving professional development grants from Canada Arts Council and BC Arts Council to study in Sevilla, Spain, as well as performing in the Coetaní Experimental Flamenco Festival in Athens, Greece. Locally she has trained at Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy, Karen Flamenco, and completed Centro Flamenco's professional training program. Maria Avila currently performs with Calle Verde and La Triana. 

Maria states, "I have been able to study alongside some of the top innovators in this art form. I embody what I have learned in both my performance and teaching work here in Canada.
Contrast has become a central theme in my recent work. I strive to find an artistic balance reflecting old and new, as well as strong and soft. I explore elements such as focus, stillness, speed, strength, and breath to create a dynamic performance. Flamenco’s passionate nature is the driving force that fuels my artistic choices. I investigate how the cante (singing) or guitar can evoke expression as well as physical shapes and movement."


When Maria dances she delivers emotion, while bringing a grounded energy and a clear presence. Above all, Maria dances with courage and honesty.

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