A local musician, guitar teacher, merry prankster, and multi-instrumentalist that hails from the frosty mountains of the North Shore of Vancouver. Performs in bands, duo's, and has a diverse set of popular songs that can be covered as a solo artist (piano/guitar) or custom suited for any and all of your entertainment needs.


Currently residing as lead guitarist and singer with Vancouver's greatest party band 'Dr. Strangelove' who are a fixture on the local music scene. He enjoys hiking in Lynn Canyon Park and is a professional water-gatherer who loves long walks on the beach...but only in summer! Kevin has shared stages with such eminent Canadian talent (such are the likes of) Colin James, Dustin Bentall, Shaun Verreult, Ridley Bent, and Kyprios -- amongst many others.


His first name in gaelic (Irish) is Caoimhín. Legend says that it was derived from the Irish cóem that roughly translates to kind, honest, and handsome and gein which means birth. Go figure, eh? Kevin enjoys lofty literature and is currently skimming through the novel 'Finnegans Wake' (since high school)...he once traveled to Hawaii to study with ukelele master Jake Shimabukuro but was not accepted.