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The Vancouver-based Blues/Rock group The Jason Lane Band supplies elements of the past and the present for listeners to bask in their hard-hitting and groovy tunes.  


Sure to captivate any audience, JLB consists of Jason Lane Amott, Chantal Sayers Amott, and Alex J Ritchie. Formed in 2019, the band contains a tight family chemistry, with brother and sister Jason and Chantal partnering up for the band's sweltering body of work. Chantal's vocals bring a sweet and sultry female powerhouse flair, perfectly complemented by the band's rare balance between catchy melodies and bluesy guitar work.  

Jason Lane stated, "As a songwriter, I was able to evolve and discover new riffs, melodies, and a new style of play. JLB now has the best of both worlds, a complete mixture of everything we love, rock and blues." True to words, JLB brings back elements of the 80s and 90s and pushes the boundaries of modern-day blues-infused rock.


As the band member grew up listening to Rock 'N Roll, the genre was passionately and inevitably instilled into their sizzling sound, not to mention continuously shining a light on their appetite for gripping Blues.


JLB released their second official EP, Wildcard in March 2021. This was a followup to the first EP released in 2020 titled Speed of Sound.

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