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Angelic and a blissful offering of folk and singer-songwriter sensibilities, Connor’s breathtaking vocals take centre stage and completely steal the limelight.” – CLOUT 

Combining the natural beauty of West Coast Canada with London's urban forest, Roff fully embraces his dual nationality and likes to refer to himself as a Canadian-UK Sandwich.

With his powerful and soulful voice, classical piano background and self-taught guitar skills, Roff has developed a unique style strongly influenced by artists such as Bon Iver and Jeff Buckley. His interest and support for the LGBT+ community, in wellness, in mental health and his beliefs in a traditional yoga philosophy and practice have had a big influence on his music. With a natural meditative quality and flow to it, his honest and authentic songwriting induces a reflective and contemplative mood. Having been a core member of London Contemporary Voices (LCV choir) Connor naturally includes vocal layering, harmonies and soaring refrains in his music production.

Roff divided his time between the UK and Canada and is currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia. He recently released four new original singles and is currently putting together his debut album.

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