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Kunda is for everyone – music & dance are universal languages, which are found in all cultures, and can cross all borders. Music & dance are a means of communication for all peoples, regardless of ethnic origin, language, color, or age. Kunda is for the whole family- children, youth, adults, and elders. And, beyond that, Kunda is anyone, and everyone – Kunda includes all those who have joined us or helped us at any given moment, or may in the future, and those who should choose to share our mission, "To celebrate life, through through joy, music, culture and art".

Kunda African Culture Music & Dance shares, and educates, with regards to the rich artistic West African culture, through interactive and educational West African percussion, music, & dance workshops, classes, performances and presentations, in schools, communities, and festivals, for both children and adult audiences and participants, as well as other public & private functions, on the Sunshine Coast, in Vancouver, throughout B.C., and beyond, including all of North America, as well as in Guinea, West Africa. 

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