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Canadian alternative recording artists Quickness have cut their teeth on their live show. The band moves seamlessly from deep funk grooves, chewy guitar textures and 4 part harmonies to blissfull uptempo dancefloor rock tracks with luscious keyboard pads and soulful vocals.


The band has a modern musical ethos: blend Funk, Rock and Reggae rhythms with big guitars and heartfelt vocals and deliver them in a pop format. 

One minute you’re shouting uptempo rock choruses and bouncing to a punk rock song, the next they’re breaking it down and everyone’s singing heartfelt confessions with an acoustic guitar.

Their latest single Daydream premiered on alternative rock radio Jan 20 2022.

Quickness has dance-rock mayhem planned for 2023, so bring your dancing shoes and party attitude. 


2020 brought the release of their long awaited and eagerly anticipated 2nd album Sticks and Stones X Broken Homes which includes singles Miracle, Whispers in the Dark, Emergency, One 


Quickness and their lead singer, composer Jacob Dryden are the recipients of multiple international radio awards and top ten list nominations. They have appeared live on television, feature length films and made for tv movies.

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