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Crystal Campbell - Auctioneer 2.jpg

Get ready to experience the perfect blend of wit, and entertainment, all while raking in the revenue for your favourite cause! From captivating the toughest bidders, to dazzling the crowd with charm, Crystal knows how to keep everyone on their toes while ensuring those dollar signs keep rolling in. Fundraising and Benefit Auctions are her playground, and she’s mastered the art of playing nicely. 


Crystal understands the delicate dance of balancing entertainment, revenue generation, and the subtle nuances your esteemed guest list requires. Rest assured, her charm will have your bidders opening up their wallets faster than you can say "Sold!" But hold on, it's not just about the showmanship...she’s got the smarts to back it up too. Over the years, Crystal has helped raise gagillions of dollars, and notably one of the first auctioneers in Canada to introduce the Special Appeal/Fund-A-Need to non-profit charity fundraisers and galas.


She can either conduct your auction and/or Host & Emcee your event and together, she'll craft an auction experience that's not just about the laughs and cheers, but also about making a real difference.

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