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The Wells family consists of three brothers; Chris, Dan & Alex and wives Holly and Jen. Dan, Chris and Jen drum and sing their traditional music and Alex, Holly and their daughter dance, with Alex performing traditional hoops.

The Wells Family is of the Grizzly and Black Bear Clans in the Lil’wat Nation, Mount Currie, BC, Canada. First Nations Dance and Cultural traditions, such as singing, drumming and hoop dancing, have been The Wells Family’s way of life for the brothers, who were brought up through many years of cultural ceremonies and gatherings.

While traveling across North America since childhood, competing in First Nations drum and dance competitions, hoop dancing has led Alex into making his passion and talent, a professional business and a way of life. The brothers have also taken part in many world indigenous cultural events throughout the last few decades, giving the group the natural ability to teach the cultural dances, step by step, to family members, so as to pass this tradition along to the next generation.

Brother Chris is a spiritual leader and carries the teachings he learned from many St’at’imc Elders from past and present. Some of Chris’s life experience includes serving two terms on Council for his Nation and supporting the local secondary school as a Cultural Support worker. Chris currently works as Cultural Lead for the Medicine Our Way program at Southern Stl’atl’imx Health Society to bring cultural and healthy living teachings like puberty training, sweat lodge, and hunting camps to the families and youth of N’Quatqua, Samahquam, Skatin Nation and Xa’xtsa (Douglas).

The Wells Family enjoy sharing their knowledge with the next generations to ensure that their traditions carry on through their work and performances.

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