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Vancouver’s World Drum Jam is the ultimate high-energy, visually stimulating, multicultural, high-impact entertainment package. We offer spectacles incorporating the music from four to twelve ethnic groups.

Vancouver’s World Drum Jam begins slowly with a lone-hand drummer playing a rhythmic beat, as the beat intensifies the drummer magically begins rising in the air!

As your guests focus in on this flying drummer, on a downbeat the drummer gestures to a hidden stage that begins to reveal itself. Behind the drape reveal is Vancouver’s best ethnic percussion group.

This is augmented with more dancers and concludes with an explosion of rhythm, colour, costumes, dance and energy.


Vancouver’s World Drum Jam is made up of Vancouver’s best percussion groups showcasing the diversity of Vancouver and Canada. The groups comprise performers from Vancouver’s many cultural groups including Chinese, South-Asian, African, Caribbean, Japanese-Taiko, First Nations, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian and Latin musical communities.

Vancouver’s World Drum Jam is the ultimate entertainment experience showcasing British Columbia’s diversity and talent.

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