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Bobby James is a musical powerhouse, armed with an electrifying arsenal of tunes ready to rock any room. With over 25 years of globetrotting as a performer, Bobby's love for music resonates deeply with audiences worldwide.

As one of the most popular Vancouver DJs, he has graced elite corporate events with Totoya Brazil, Samsung, REMAX, and Juno Awards, and lit up high-energy festival and club shows at Aura, Cocoon Club (Germany), Toronto Fashion Week, and more.

An expert in reading the room, Bobby James skillfully adjusts his beats to get everyone on their feet and grooving. Combining live drums with his DJ sets, he adds a unique and captivating dimension to the experience.

No matter the occasion, Bobby's passion for his craft ensures a show-stopping performance every time.

As one of the most esteemed Vancouver DJs on the Canadian West Coast, Bobby is constantly creating, performing, and DJing. As a Roland VDrums Ambassador, he also inspires fellow musicians through captivating clinics, concerts, and motivational speeches.

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