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Founded in 2002, the Dhol Nation Artist group envisioned illustrating the essence of the Punjabi culture through a traditional Punjabi instrument called the Dhol. This particular group of dhol players is dedicated to showcasing this vibrant instrument and putting on an unforgettable performance. 


The creation of this beautiful instrument dates as far back as the 15th century. This instrument was originally played to lift the spirits of farmers. The instrument is constructed of wood and has two opposite sides that, when struck with bamboo sticks, create a treble and bass sound; in the drum world, it is classified as a Membranophone. Many sequences are played on the dhol, and only a few teachers still teach traditional dhol playing. 


The Dhol Nation Artists team comprises many skilled dhol players who have learned and mastered the art of dhol playing from one of the most talented and renowned dhol players in North America. As a collective, they are known as one of the premier dhol groups on the continent. They have performed on some of the most prominent sold-out stages in British Columbia, such as at Rogers Arena, Plaza of Nations, Queen Elizebeth Theatre, the Orpheum, Canada Place and many more.


The group is known for their versatility, superior playing style, energy and stage presence. This collective of Dhol Players is determined to showcase the true art of Punjab and create a vibrant experience. 

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