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Whether it's a upscale lounge, small private party, or a huge corporate function, Dane and Mandy are amazing entertainment providers that bring the same love and passion every single time they perform. This engaging trio act comes with sound and lighting, to amplify this spectacular and extravagant live jazz and cabaret show tune experience!

Mandy Rushton got her chops being in musical theatre for many years as a dancer, singer, and all around entertainer. With a vocal style that's been compared to the likes of Billy Holiday, Liza Minnelli and Shirley Bassey, Mandy wows audiences wherever she goes. A lover of pretty much everything from the twenties to the forties, Mandy has studied the vintage music, clothing, speech and lifestyle in depth. Being an admirer of Vaudeville, Cabaret and Tin Pan Alley, Mandy brings new life and excitement to the songs of the 20's, 30's and 40's. 

With a smooth and charming vocal delivery, Dane has had the privilege of travelling the world, bringing his love of Frank Sinatra and his music to thousands through concerts events and as a performer and entertainer aboard Holland America and Princess Cruise Lines. Exuding great style and with an air of cool, Dane definitely has the presence, talent and excitement that people expect from a world class singer and performer. 

Mad Live Jazz and Cabaret ties this all together with the classy, talented and smooth, Aaron Pang who has a true jazz sensibility and always delivers a mood that leaves audiences wanting more.

So don't hesitate to bring on this entertaining and energetic trio for your next event- you and your guests will not be disappointed!

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