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Lavina Tan has been emceeing for over 8 years for weddings, business events, conferences, product launches, and grand openings as well as charity and entertainment events. Lavina is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese and is a sought after MC in the Vancouver area.


Lavina has many years of experience in crafting speeches and coordinating notes with different parties, to ensure that your special event is presented in a very smooth and engaging manner.  


Here is a list of business events that has Lavina Tan has hosted:


- SWIFT Financial Client Appreciation Dinner 2019

- AssetPlus Financial Client Appreciation Dinner 2015

- National Congress of Chinese Canadians (全加华人联会)全国大会 2018/2019

- ChiHeng Foundation Annual Charity Dinner 2014-2019

- Chinese Children's Small Golden Bell Music Contest - Canada Region

中国少儿小金钟音乐大赛-加拿大赛区 2016-2018

- Freelife Ltd. Product Launch 2016

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