Rockin Robin

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Rockin’ Robin & the Magical Tree is a highly entertaining musical production starring Robin Redcoat, who leads a cast of hilarious singing birds in a live musical production set in front of a magical old tree. The audience sings, laughs and dances along to both original songs and kids-friendly classics with each song telling an important story or lesson related to healthy, happy lifestyles.


Created for children of all ages, Rockin’ Robin provides entertaining music with important messages to live life with a joyous outlook, have fun and respect your surroundings and others.


Robin leads the charismatic singing birds in fun upbeat dance numbers like “Firetruck Firetruck” and “Baby Birdie Bop”. The CD’s also includes dramatic melodies better suited for bedtime like “Star So Bright” and “Sleep Little Birdie”. The wide range of Rockin’ Robin songs are perfect for children ages 2-7, as well as

their parents and siblings.


In the last year, Rockin’ Robin & The Magical Tree has toured Western Canada twice, finding success and exposure on both journeys. Having completed our fifth animated video with internationally acclaimed animation director, John Delaney,

we’re looking forward to releasing a collection of animated videos via multi-channel on-line networks. Rockin’ Robin being played in regular rotation on Stingray Kids Channel, Funky Kids Radio, Radio Nursery and Kidzbop online radio networks.

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