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We all have a story. It is what makes us unique and authentic. Yet somehow, Ashley is able to emulate your best feelings and toughest experiences in her songs. Through music, Ashley aims to create a safe space for her fans, as we all need a place where we can unwind and stop thinking for a second. 

CBC Music named Ashley Pater one of the top 10 young Canadian musicians you must hear. Ashley is a 19-year old singer/songwriter from Vancouver, BC and has been performing since the age of 9. Although she grew up on country music while riding in the backseat of her mom’s car, Ashley considers her music to be alternative rock, which for her is a unique blend of folk, pop, and rock. Ashley has been featured in Starbeat magazine, Business in Vancouver, Cloverdale Reporter, Hope Standard Newspaper, The Surrey Now Newspaper, and many more.


Ashley's goal is to share her stories with the world through song, and touch the heart through the ear of the listener.

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