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The Magnificent Musical Menagerie


Country Singer, Angela Kelman realized she was pretty good at entertaining kids when her son was a toddler. Every situation became a song and they sang songs like “Bum Full Of Poo Poo,” “Get On the Potty” and “Don’t Let Daddy Do The Grocery Shopping,” to name a few favourites.

Somehow, this led to an opportunity to write children’s music for a retail store, and the Juno Nominated CD, “Angela May’s Magnificent Musical Menagerie” was born.


Not long after, her writing partner, Allan Rodger and Angela started performing the songs live for the 3-11 set. They get to let their inner 6-year old ROCK with the CD’s catchy songs, fun costumes and interactive singing and dancing.


Get ready to disco with dinosaurs, boogie with bunnies, do the reptile twist and more!

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