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DJ Joe knows how to read a room; musically he can cater to any type of event and with the fifteen years of experience as one of Vancouver's most sought-after DJ's, he knows how to get the party started or keep the atmosphere ambient and cool.


DJ Joe started his career on Granville Street, known as the entertainment district in Vancouver, BC. His love for classic retro to house to current hits is reflective of how he chooses what to songs to spin but he also is open to as many requests- no ego or attitude here- he wants what is best for the party and its guests.


DJ Joe Pound's dynamic and unique skills entertain a crowd till all hours of the night. With 10+ years experience on the tables, he is a certified Party Rocker. Whether it’s a late-night club party or after hours in a basement somewhere, you can always count on him to keep that dance floor packed till the sun comes up. You can see him do his thing at The Bayside Lounge, The Imperial or at the Longhorn Saloon.

So don't hesitate to include DJ in the mix because guaranteed he will make the party happen!



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