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CRUSH is an "all killer no filler" classic rock dance band!


It was formed after bassist Kevin Stuart Swain (Jon Mikl Thor, Al Harlow ) read an open letter from a Florida club owner venting his frustration with cover bands. It basically said that, "The success of a bar band is measured in ounces. You are there to put money in the till. Play the songs people want to hear, look good doing it, play them as good as the people that recorded them and pack the dance floor".


Kevin first enlisted drummer Scott Young. Scott tours with Al Harlow of Prism and has thousands of hours of live and studio experience. Next he added Headpins guitarist Anthony Dellacroce. Anthony is quite a draw (the ladies love him!) and he as well, is a veteran rocker who has worked with Doucette and Honeymoon Suite. Last but not least was front man lead vocalist, Shawn Klatt of the AC/DC tribute Thunderstruck, rounding out the line-up with tremendous range and rock star personas.


Kevin consulted the top 200 DJ request list and other sources to get a pulse on what people want to hear and came up with a potential song list. As the band has three successful producers the next task came easy. Take the bands strengths and the fact that the band is built around a guitar rock god, and put a song-list together that delivers the goods. So far CRUSH has had tremendous response with capacity crowds and a core fan-base that follows them everywhere.


When you combine industry veterans that perform with some of the biggest Canadian recording acts, combined with the perfect mix of songs and dialled into what the audience desires, it is a magical thing. So get off that couch and come rock out with CRUSH, the best band to hit the scene in a long time!

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