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Vancouver is known for its rockers! The Rock Scene in BC took off internationally in the '70s and '80s with legendary bands BTO, Loverboy, and Bryan Adams. Also with world-renowned, late-great producer Bruce Fairburn who worked with some of the biggest rock acts of all time - BonJovi, Aerosmith and Motley Crue. Jump ahead to the rock scene of today and you'll find well-known rockers like Nickelback, Hedley and Marianna's Trench carrying on Vancouver's rock & roll tradition along with the following Vancouver rock & roll veterans and new, very talented up and comers.

Annika and The Earthlings

Annika & the Earthlings are your go-to band for weddings, parties, corporate events, lounges, restaurants, festivals, you name it. They cover a wide variety of all the best dance, party and popular music from the last 6 decades.


CEASE & DESIST Are sure to make your party a great one. They present themselves as the consummate professionals that they are and are always happy to do your special requests. Most jobs they have done in the past have rewarded them with return engagements.


CRUSH When you combine industry veterans that perform with some of the biggest Canadian recording acts, combined with the perfect mix of songs and dialled into what the audience desires, it is a magical thing. So get off that couch and come rock out with CRUSH, the best band to hit the scene in a long time!


JOHNNY BOOTLEG Outfitted with a vintage Fender Strat and modern day drum machine, Johnny Bootleg breathes a whole new life into contemporary Rock music. Raised on the classics like Hendrix and Zeppelin, then influenced by the world of Pop music, Johnny has created his own blues drenched stamp for each of the songs in his arsenal.


QUICKNESS Quickness is a mainstay at numerous Casinos, Hotels, and Night Clubs and has been the band of choice for many grand openings, weddings, staff parties, birthday celebrations, rooftop blow ups, Pool parties, New Years Eve Celebrations, Awards Ceremonies, and pretty much anything else you can imagine.


REDWOODS From the hills of Vancouver, BC comes a sound that can’t be matched by the greatest West Coast Storm. Meet rock band, Redwoods.


SOUND MACHINE Sound Machine is a BC based dance band with an emphasis on rock and pop, that plays the new wave sounds of the 80’s, the alternative sounds of the 90’s, and the cutting-edge sounds of the 2000’s.  Their sound is 100% organic and follows a less-is-more approach by stripping the band down the basics of vocals, strings, and rhythm.  Their passion and energy transforms every performance into an electrifying dance experience you’ll never forget.


THE GRAND UNION BAND The Grand Union Band is Vancouver’s premier cover band featuring certified platinum and gold award winning song-writer Alonzo Wang, Vancouver’s finest drummer Tim Proznik and the talented Tim Charman on bass guitar.  They play the greatest songs of all times, even better than the real thing.  Sweet soul Motown, funky classic songs, nostalgic songs, crying guitar blues, deep reggae, sexy cumbia, infectious reggeton you tell us what kind of party it is, we play for the crowd


THE GUILTY PARTY The Guilty Party are a high energy, four piece rock n’ roll band from Vancouver, BC. Performing material from some of rock’s biggest names, The Guilty Party’s set list spans more than five decades of grooving, hip shaking hits.

The Hits

THE HITS The Hits are one of Vancouver’s most unique musical acts. This band really knows how to make every gig an unforgettable EXPERIENCE!


THE STAGE PILOTS The Stage Pilots, are smuggling in your fave hits!! This crew of musicians out of the GVRD is a 4 piece, comprised of 4 lead singing multi instrumentalists. Performing some of your forgotten fave songs to current raves, the Stage Pilots cover it all! And yes, there is even a couple of classic rockers with bag pipes!


THE VAN DANGOS From playing dive bar blues jams, a taste for Rockabilly. He now fronts The Van Dangos.


WITCHAZEL A Canadian rock band that rolled out of Edmonton Alberta in 1985, led by Sherman Von-Riesen. They were one of the hardest working club acts from Ontario to Vancouver Island until their breakup in 1991.


WYPER & PARKER Step inside their world, stand in front of the kick drum, close your eyes and feel the energy, heart, and soul of a sweaty rock band giving you everything they've got.

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