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Seb Chamney is a jazz and contemporary guitarist based in Vancouver, B.C. He has performed

at numerous music venues in Vancouver including The Libra Room, The Railway Club, and The

Orpheum. He specializes in approaching traditional repertoire and vocabulary using unique

rhythmic and harmonic techniques.

From 2013 to 2017, Seb attended the VCC Bachelor of Applied Music degree program. Having a strong technical foundation, he used his time in the program to develop his ability to improvise by studying jazz repertoire. While taking lessons with Daryll Jahnke and Stephen Fisk, Seb

refined his understanding of harmony and his rhythmic feel. He also transcribed a variety of solos by jazz musicians such as Charlie Parker, Bill Evans, Jim Hall, Paul Desmond, and Pat Metheny.

After graduating, Seb began to explore odd note rhythms and the use of triads to create harmonic tension toward resolution, allowing him to add his own creativity to the tradition of jazz. By networking within Vancouver’s music scene, he formed numerous connections with players of a variety of genres including jazz, funk, rock, and Latin.

Today, Seb is a well-rounded player with a primary focus on jazz. He is comfortable in both solo and ensemble performance settings. Seb prides himself on approaching every musical scenario with supportiveness, focus, and creativity.

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