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Adrienne Robles is a singer-songwriter local to Vancouver, BC. Adrienne has been performing alongside guitarist Drix. This duo has performed at various stages and events in Vancouver since 2014. Adrienne's tone is what others deem to set her apart from other musicians--unique tone, range and styling. 


Combined, the duo fuse together their preferred music genres to create a distinctive sound. From Adrienne's R&B, soul and pop preferences to Drix's blues, jazz and funk background, a great collaboration has set forth to share countless songs to cater to many. Known to others by their mashups of well-known song covers, this duo also performs their original material. In 2015, Adrienne and Drix released their first self-titled album which is available across various music streaming platforms. Songs included in this album are: "Crazy", "Losing Game" and a cover of Oasis' "Don't Look Back In Anger". 


Adrienne and Drix have been performing at known venues such as Guit & Co, Shipyards events, the Roxy, Belmont Bar, Honey Salt, The Fairmont and more. 

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