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Steph Jackson plays conversational and harmonically compelling jazz in a trio where she plays guitar, piano and vocals and has a comfortable repertoire of over 400 pop tunes and jazz standards. This versatility makes it so she can cater to many types of events and she considers her versatility a strength.


Steph holds two MMus degrees and a BFA in jazz guitar from Capilano University. Her focus is on harmony, modern chord voicings, spaciousness and rhythmic delivery.


Her jazz ensemble showcases modern takes on standards and fusion. When focusing on pop tunes they play instantly recognizable R&B, funk and soul music but what she excels at is flexibility and requests.


Steph can provide entertainment for corporate events or venues with a small group but an extremely versatile one.

Steph also plays solo jazz guitar, guitar/voice (standards or pop tunes), piano/voice (piano bar), solo piano.

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