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Choosing freedom over fear is the driving force behind songwriter Nickolaj. Powerful, energetic music coupled with sublime vocals give life to captivating pop melodies and earnest lyrics. Nickolaj’s music conveys the message of optimism, resilience, and inner strength.


After living in Denmark during his adolescence, Nickolaj moved to Vancouver where much of his formative years were spent listening to The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alicia Keys, Prince, and Michael Jackson. His early 20’s involved performing in intimate lounges, historic venues and local festivals, gaining acclaim among his peers. Two years at music school further nurtured the prospering songwriter. Nickolaj’s unrelenting devotion and energy now propel him into a blossoming solo career.  


“Step into the Light”, Nickolaj’s debut EP, is produced by award winning composer Adrian Emond. The five song release, expected during the spring of 2022, showcases the prowess of a songwriter daring to blend genres.


The unifying factor of the EP is the strength of Nickolaj’s vocal abilities. Listeners can expect to be awed by his seemingly endless range and power that amplifies his enduring message. 

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