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Vancouver’s Armadillo Quartet was founded in 1989. These talented, highly trained professionals have performed in concerts and festivals, entertained at weddings, receptions, and countless other formal and casual functions. As confirmed by these testimonials, the Armadillo String Quartet always adds a memorable and irresistable atmosphere to any occasion.


Leader Finn Manniche on cello, is an eclectic and passionate musician with a music degree from UBC and a penchant for playing anything and everything on guitar and cello. He plays swing and new music, Bach to Bocherini, Surf and otherworldly sounds. He can be heard live and on CD with the Armadillo String Quartet, Ensemble Symposium, the Jazzmanian Devils, Soul Crib, the Paperboys, Denzel Sinclair, 54/40, Murray McLauglin, Mae Moore, Cam Wilson’s varying orchestral extravaganzas and much, much more.

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