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Gabriella Lester is only 19 years old, but has already been performing on stages all over the world... and she's only getting started.


Gabriella was born in South Africa and moved with her family to Canada at a very young age. She has been performing since the day she could walk. In the last few years, Gabriella has entertained audiences and companies all over North America and Europe; including venues such as the 'World Famous' Magic Castle in Hollywood, and the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas.


She has been awarded as the junior stage and close-up magician of the year (as a member of the Vancouver Magic Circle), and originally magician of the year (as a member of the Fraser Valley Magic Circle). In 2019, Gabriella became the youngest performer to receive the coveted "Eugene Burger Legacy Award" from the Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas.


In her spare time, Gabriella indulges in her passion for motorcycles; riding, racing, and working on engines.

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