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Miss Mandy Chan aka Ah Hoi, is a well-known Radio and TV Shows Host in the Chinese Community in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton. Mandy is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English and is cheerful, humorous, and positive. Mandy's cheerful image makes her deeply loved by her listeners.


Mandy hosts four regular radio programs including, Rainbow Chocolate (on Sundays at 9am) and has been involved in many different projects in Fairchild Radio, such as Sunshine Nation and Song Quest.


Mandy was also flown to Malaysia to host the GCGC (Global Chinese Golden Charts) music awards along with other Asian hosts. This show is the talk of the town, since it has the most popular Asian singers from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. She has also been the Master of Ceremonies for Vancouver and Toronto's "New Talent" Singing Contest, Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant, Project Boyz and TVB Fans Party. Also, she is the program host for the following TV Programs,“Pop-up Kitchen”and “Leisure Talk”.

Mandy is also very active in filming commercials for different products, such as restaurants, mobile phone companies and supercard. She has also recorded voice over for many well-established organizations such as financial institutions, mobile phones and local supermarkets. She has also emcee'd opening ceremonies for various corporations, such as the T&T grand opening at Lansdowne Mall along with many wedding ceremonies and annual corporate events.

Mandy was invited by World Vision Canada to act in a musical play “Chasing Love Charity Musical Drama Canada Tour” with many famous actors/actress (Chris Wong, Ada Choi, Samuel Chan etc) in Hong Kong. This play has been featured in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton.

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