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Krystle Dos Santos has taken her experience from the Canadian College of Performing Arts, and transformed it into the beginnings of a career already full of achievements.

Whether facing the crowd on her own or with her full ensemble of band-mates, Dos Santos uses a sultry tone and eccentric array of melodies to create an intimately magnetic connection with her audience.  She is able to further engage her audience by shifting seamlessly through genres, embodying her musical influences: Nina Simone, Etta James, and Alicia Keys culminating into a powerful live experience that fuses jazz, soul, pop, funk and blues into an arena of styles and sounds. She has already toured extensively throughout western Canada, singing stories of pain and love, joy and redemption, all told through a voice that precisely reflects the emotion of her music.  

Dos Santos’ interpretation of her influences has made it difficult to categorize her style.  Compared presently to Jill Scott or Corrine-Bailey Rae or even Erykah Badu, Krystle is able to personalize her sound and message, adding her own character to her music to create a uniquely refreshing sound.  Her vibrant personality has been utilized outside of music in various ad campaigns and modeling opportunities.  It also helps that Krystle is as stunning as she is talented; one of those rare beauties that commands attention with little more than a moments glance. Krystle is a musician first and foremost with a smoky voice that can fluctuate to fit any style. Dos Santos is ready for the masses to feel her music.

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