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With over 250,000 Karaoke songs(that’s over 1/4 million!) plus multicultural selections available, Boogie Shoes Karaoke can supply many of your contemporary song requests. Every guest will dig your singing event. For business events or private parties, their karaoke DJ service has got the music that will be sure to have your karaoke crowd warbling up the tunes.


They have worked with many upscale clients such as Tamara Taggart, Biff Naked, TV shows such as NBC Girlfriend’s Guide to divorce, Supernatural and The Flash as well as regular clients all over the lower mainland and from Whistler to Kelowna.


The Karaoke Package includes:

- Complete PA system for up to 150 guests

- Two microphones for your use with a 20 ft. cable

- One multicolored vertigo light

- 19” LED screen for lyrics!

- Digital Delay effects for your vocals!

- Tone Control effects for your vocal!

- Prop trunk with hats, blow up musical instruments, etc.

- Lighting! 

- Setup 1 hour before the start of your event

- Setup and take down included

- Access to a large database of to 250,000 plus database plus additional multicultural selections

- Karaoke website, pens and request slips for choosing your songs!

- A pro KJ host!


Regardless of whether you go with one theme or want to completely mix it up with music from every category and time period, their massive collection of songs will meet your needs. Get ready to have the time of your life with DJ Boogie Shoes Karaoke!

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