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It's been said that the sign of a great song is when it can stand on its own, without any need for complex production. With the warmth of voices in five part harmony, and the simple beauty of acoustic instruments, Get Back Unplugged aims to revisit some of the best loved songs of late-period Beatles, and to deliver them with the joy and spontaneity of friends singing around a kitchen table. Bringing together six stellar singers and players who, between them, have straddled the worlds of folk, Celtic, blues, jazz, and classical music, this intimate and fun performance does not try to imitate the Fab Four, but rather seeks to present interpretations that are authentic to the musicians' own unique voices. While they revere and respect the spirit of these classics, the group embodies the kind of playful, creative energy that the Beatles display in the studio, even occasionally alluding to other genres such as fiddle music, gypsy jazz, and classical music as the spirit moves them.         

Get Back Unplugged started as an idea of Vancouver-based folk-pop trio The Wahs (Cam Wilson, Andy Hillhouse, and Brent Gubbels), after seeing the recent Peter Jackson-produced documentary about the famous Get Back recording sessions and the celebrated Beatles rooftop concert. Having been part of a now legendary White Album concert that featured dozens of Vancouver's finest musicians, the trio knew how fun it could be to delve into the Beatles oeuvre, and invited friends and collaborators LJ Mounteney, Allan Dionne, and David Gibbons to join them in this exciting project. 

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