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SIESKI x Seb Chamney


Celebrated for her ethereal voice and unique songwriting, indie-alt artist, SIESKI, and sought after guitarist, Seb Chamney, bring you a mix of SIESKI originals and contemporary covers. Like a fine wine pairing, SIESKI and Seb musically compliment each other.


SIESKI is a BFA graduate of York University's Acting Conservatory, while Seb holds a bachelor degree in jazz and contemporary guitar from the VCC School of Music. The two met in Vancouver in 2021, and since then, they have been generating warm tones.


SIESKI is a captivating sonic storyteller; she draws you into her world with alluring vocals, while her piano playing features hypnotic rhythmic themes. Seb pulls from his well-rounded musical vocabulary, spanning through latin-psych fusion, jazz, and pop. Their vibe together is magnetic.


With a natural chemistry and authenticity, this duo will charm an audience and create a distinctive atmosphere in any space. 

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