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For Your Special Event"


VanHattan offers the most energetic and exciting DJ's on the West-Coast. DJ's are a great entertainent option for small or large parties, weddings or events. The variety displayed here is vast and varied to ensure the perfect fit for the design and theme of your evening.

DJ Joe

DJ JOE DJ Joe Pound's dynamic and unique skills entertain a crowd till all hours of the night. With 10+ years experience on the tables, he is a certified Party Rocker. Whether it’s a corporate affair, late night club party or afterhours in a basement somewhere, you can always count on him to keep that dance floor packed till the sun comes up. So don't hesitate to include DJ in the party because guaranteed he will make the party!


DJ PRI DJ Pri has been involved in the music scene since 2008 and began her DJ career in the heart of the Fraser Valley, British Columbia. Her determination to further explore her passion behind the decks brought her from playing at local pubs, clubs and restaurants to playing at beautiful weddings, fantastic fashion shows, fun corporate events, charities, retail, birthdays, anniversaries, school dances and wicked parties of all sorts!


DJ ANDY DJ Andy is your one-stop shop for your music needs and guarantees to keep your party amped! Specializing in Top 40 Hits, 90's Hip Hop/RnB, Reggaeton, 80's, and all of your favourite hit songs! He also supplies an award-winning Line Array PA System and unique, eye-catching Lighting System.


DJ SHERRY I am a small town girl with a big love for music and if you invite me to play your next event, you’ll understand all of this even more. I can guarantee that. Now let’s dance.

DJ Emilita

DJ EMILITA Emilita DJ's at top nightclubs, fashion shows, special events, corporate parties and weddings. Her sets are stylish & fun and progress in the moment as she feels the vibe of the guests.


DJ FELIX Beginning in 2010, DJ Felix remembers going to corporate events, a few night clubs and many weddings. What he saw was a need for passionate and professional people. He realized that he had something to add, that he could make a difference in peoples lives at their most significant moments. ​The moments that mattered. Being a DJ was about more than just the music, it was about personality and professionalism.


DJ BFAD My first memory of "Show And Tell" at school involved a cassette tape of Rick James "Street Songs" and a ghetto blaster. Ever since I can remember it has been my passion and playing all types of great music comes naturally to me - some people have a talent with numbers and become accountants, some people are athletic and pursue professional sports, my unique talent is finding the perfect music for any event.

DJ Flipout

DJ FLIPOUT In Vancouver, DJ Flipout may be best known for his gig on 94.5 Virgin Radio, where he does a 100% live mixshow in studio featuring Top 40 hits for The 5 O’clock Traffic Jam.

DJ Chloe

DJ CHLOE Chloé has introduced and branded a new unique style as a DJ into the industry, merging her live vocals & instrumentation into her DJ sets with genres from Dance, House, Funk, Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, Old School and her own original music. Creating something truly extraordinary and original, giving her audience an unparalleled music experience. Chloé also recently won a Golden Owl Award for “Breakout DJ of The Year” 2017.

DJ Christina

DJ CHRISTINA has been curating music for audiences for over 15 years. She has performed for elite clients: Montreal Grand Prix, West Jet Juno Fest, Georgie Awards, Vancouver Pride, Toronto Fashion Week, Telus Snowball, Make Up Forever and countless special events, weddings, and galas. Her wide range of talents include singing, DJing, music production, songwriting, piano and guitar.

DJ Tom

DJ TOM is a veteran Vancouver DJ who has been spinning music for over a decade. Well-respected in the industry by his peers and popular among many event and wedding planners. Tom is someone who is reliable, friendly, talented, well-versed in many genres of music and sensitive to the clients needs.


DJ VERONICA British-born DJ Veronica began her DJ career in 1997 when she started a weekly 7-hour House Music Radio show called Loose Change. Her technical skills, programming ability and stage presence catapulted Veronica into the DJ scene very quickly, opening for DJs such as David Alvarado, DJ Rhiannon, Armand Van Helden, Lawnchair Generals, Trevor Walker, DJ Preston, Peaches and RUN DMC.


DJ MAIYAH Growing up with a big passion for music, DJ Maiyah has been devoted to the art of turntablism. She enjoys playing the many genres from house , electro, and techno, but mostly focused on the selections of hip hop, old school, funk, Motown and R&B.


DJ MYLES You’re going to hear us spin Latin and Bhangra music which right away sets the tone for many different kinds of people. My ideal kind of party is one where classy people can get down to music from all over the world. The music becomes a journey, the conversations with multi-cultural people you are meeting become an experience.

DJ Jason

DJ JASON This easy-going and fun DJ strives to keep your dance floor packed throughout the evening. His playlist consists of a large variety of music genres for all ages, including Jazz, Oldies, Pop, Rock, Country, Hip Hop and much more!