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Marie Hui, Vancouver-based singer, is widely acclaimed for her commanding and soulful voice, effortlessly weaving lyrics and melodies together to evoke profound passion and emotion.

With years of experience as a seasoned performer, Marie captivates audiences with her dynamic stage presence, exuding energy, expressiveness, and a genuine authenticity that resonates deeply. Her musical influences span across genres such as R&B, funk, pop, and soul, shaping her unique and versatile sound.

Since embarking on her musical journey in 2005, Marie has established herself as a highly sought-after performer, lending her talents to multiple bands and engaging in studio work as a vocalist. Her extensive musical background encompasses captivating performances throughout Canada, the United States, and Asia.


Notably, Marie has garnered recognition for her exceptional renditions of the National Anthem, delivering powerful performances for professional sports teams and esteemed companies within the Pacific Northwest.

With her impressive vocal prowess, extensive performance experience, and dedication to her craft, Marie Hui continues to captivate audiences and leave an indelible mark on the music industry.

When she's not using her vocal instrument, Marie, who holds a Bachelor of Business from the British Columbia Institute of Technology, spends her time writing music, traveling the world, riding her Moto Guzzi, and honing her muay thai skills. She is also a mother to two beautiful children, whom she shares with her partner.

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