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Cliff Prang is an entertainer that loves to make you laugh. 

Cliff is the ultimate professional stand-up comedian who has been emceeing corporate and non-profit events for many years. He has been told that he is good at it because he is able to seamlessly weave the fun with the flow without ever losing grip on the purpose of the event at hand.


Cliff cares about your objectives and makes them his own, no matter what you hire him to do. Another reason he is repeatedly booked by the same organizations is because even if your format may be similar from year to year, Cliff's content is always fresh and the spontaneous memorable moments are all brand new.


Additionally, Cliff has value added services, such as Event EmceeImprovSpeakingTeaching, Acting and Stand Up Comedy, that increases the impact of your program. 

Cliff perform for a full spectrum of audiences at Bars, Clubs, Schools, Churches, Corporate Events, etc, so no matter who you are and what you do, your audience WILL have a great time. 

So let's do this. Let's laugh together.

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