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Carmelina Cupo Duo.jpg

Carmelina Cupo is an entertaining and engaging ensemble featuring some of the best musicians in the city: the superb talent of Dave Martone on guitar, the multi-talented Rob Blackburn on keys, and the lovely Carmelina Cupo on vocals. 


Collectively, the group has performed thousands of live shows in Europe, the UK, the USA and Canada, for audiences big and 

small. Their experience individually touring with Nickelback, 3-Doors Down, Joe Satriani, Lee Aaron, Bif Naked, Natalie Imbruglia, Sean Paul and Craig David, to name a few, has allowed this diverse group to have one of the most eclectic and dynamic repertoires.


Whether you are looking for a duo, trio or up to a 5-6 piece band, Carmelina Cupo will have you entertained!


From Latin to Rock, Italian to Pop, this BC-based act can accommodate any event.

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