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Back in 1982 at the corner of 4th & McDonald at a local convenience store(In Vancouver), was the very first time that it was mentioned to me by a friend that I looked like George Michael. But at that time I was too young to understand what this could mean for me.

It was 20 years before I heard that statement again….”Has anyone told you that you look like George Michael.” The more I heard that statement, the more I started taking it a bit more seriously. I decided to go with it….. I thought to myself….Gotta B George Michael!

The George Michael impersonating officially “kicked off” with being part of a local radio stations look a-like contest. Though I did not win, it started what you see today. Starting with opening the door for me to be a part of that same local radio stations TV commercial.
Since, I have been able to do many different events: weddings, local casino event, birthdays, fund raiser, night club appearances, industry party, local restaurant anniversary, video shoot for a university school project. Some of these have been done for friends and others for complete strangers who have hired me based on word of mouth.

Even while travelling, people have mistaken me for George Michael. Places like Greece, Las Vegas, Montreal, Mexico, Cuba, Calgary, Seattle and on cruise ships. While in Greece they even got me up on stage at a local bar to sing Careless Whispers!

The most meaningful and rewarding occasion I have been able to do as George Michael was being at the bedside of a 30 year old young man dying of cancer. I was asked by his family to stop by and see him because he was such a huge George Michael fan. When I walked into the room he was wearing a 25 LIVE George Michael T-shirt and when he saw me, his eyes widened and he said “George Michael!” 


Gotta B George would love to sing at your next private or public event so please do not hesitate to reach out!


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