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“Love. But not as in love songs. It’s about authentic, unconditional love for yourself and others. My music is about authentic expression of human emotions.”

This is what you’ll hear if you ask Miss Shauna what her and her music are all about. The sassy, bi-sexual, singer is all about expressing love and being her authentic self. With her background as not only a singer, but a dancer and comedic actor, Miss Shauna is an overall captivating and engaging performer spreading the message of love. She tends to focus on the message that each of her songs bring, covers and originals alike, making sure that the intention behind every song is to teach, uplift, inspire or even just give solace to unexpressed emotions.


Shauna has a background in dance and comedic acting - that in combination with her powerful voice, makes her an overall captivating performer. Combining her background in the arts, along with her intimate storytelling, every show and performance is a window into who she is. 

“We each have a mission, a purpose on this planet and it’s up to us to shine brightly to light the way for others to come.” Says Shauna. 

“We’re different but the same, playing in life’s game, free your heart from her cage and go and light up the stage. Love is our hero, love is our home” (Love Is Our Hero - Miss Shauna)

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