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Shauna Singer Promo Photo.1 (Portrait).jpg

With soaring melodies and a captivating vocal presence, Shauna Singer brings people to their hearts with her music. In a world where we’re told who to like, what to be and how to think, her intent is to uplift and inspire all people to follow their own dreams. Loving yourself more means you can love others more.


Shauna’s voice has been shaped by singing along to soulful queens like Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys and Celine Dion. Throw in the 80’s edge of one of her all time favourite artists, Prince, and the nostalgic yet modern grooves of Dua Lipa and you’ve got Shauna Singer.


Shauna wants to bring you into the rapturous feeling of music with her, to make you dance, to make you sing, to make you feel. Music is a natural way to bring joy, inspiration, movement, unity and love into people’s lives. These are things we all deserve and inherently want; they’re innate and natural desires. She truly believes that everyone should be allowed to live out their dreams and live happy and fulfilling lives.


When people feel good, they do good. So, sit back, listen and feel good.

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