Love Talent? Powerhouse vocals? ​Unbelievable guitar chops? Well​ then​ check out the 'Uber-talented Jared' on guitar and vocals and his amazing band! 

​Backed-up by some of the city's best musicians, this ultra fun party band, The Jared Suitor Band is ready to rock out with you! ​ 


Guitarist and North Vancouver boy, Jared Suitor ​has many musical influences ​that brought him to a style that is, not only, vocally-based, but also guitar-based. Jared has always loved singing Pop, Rock, and Country ​and some​ of his vocal​ influences include: Jason Mraz, Chris Cornell, Bon Jovi, Brad Paisley and Zac Brown Band​ and his guitar influences include: Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, Dave Martone​ and​ Brad Paisley​. 


​Playing all of your favourite hit songs from the 80's, 90's, 2K and today, make sure you block off your calendar and come and dance the night away with this amazing guitar and vocal protege and his exceptionally talented band!