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Fito Garcia began his career as a musician at age 14 recording two albums in Nicaragua and Holland with a band from his native Guatemala.

He toured across Canada and Europe before age 16.  Since his arrival to Canada in 1985, Fito has been a part of local bands and has been the musical director, arranger and bass player for the Marlin Ramazzini band for the last 12 years.  

Fito's musical accomplishments include the Juno Award for his participation in “El Camino Real” by Ancient Cultures.  He has been nominated twice for the West Coast Music Awards for best World Music Album with “Quiero ser Yo” by Marlin Ramazzini and “Timba con Sandunga” by Shango Ashe.  Fito is the producer of a new album “Life is For Doing Things” by The Tommy Kae Band and he is also the producer for  Marlin Ramazzini’s second album “Amandote”. 


Fito Garcia performs songs from his debut album “Mi Bajo Rumbero” (My rumba bass),  Nominated for the West Coast Music Awards 2009; it is an experimental work of Afro-Cuban rhythms performed on four basses, Cuban percussion and singers.  This recording makes use of the bass in a surprising manner in which it plays the role of melodic and harmonic instrument; the end result is innovative, interesting and daring.  

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