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Psychic Yuki_edited.jpg

Yuki “The Funky Yukalator” is a professional circus artist, and an inspiring trainer of the ‘ground-level’ circus art based in Vancouver, Canada.


Yuki has been invited to multiple festivals and events around the world in his 10 years of performance. He is a winner of 'East Japan Juggling Jam Session 2104' in Tokyo, Japan, awarded CanSpin: Juggler of the Year award in 2015 and awarded People's Choice at 'Random Acts of Circus' produce by the Underground Circus in Vancouver.


His company, Cause & Effect Circus has produced multiple award winning show, ‘The New Conformity’ and he is currently working on couple of new shows. Alongside his performance, he is a producer of multiple events, shows and festivals including 'Madskillz Vancouver', an annual juggling festival.

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