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From the hills of Vancouver, BC comes a sound that can’t be matched by the greatest West Coast Storm. Meet rock band, Redwoods. Their music fuses the best parts of soul, alternative and classic rock and roll with lyrics that pair perfectly with earth-shattering musicality. The year 2019 has given Redwoods a debut album release (Daybreaker); recorded with renowned producer Garth Richardson (Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Big Wreck, Alice Cooper); regular opening slots for bands such as The Wild!, The Lazy's, and The Standstills in Kamloops; and an appearance at Shipyards Festival in North Vancouver. Redwoods' performances are notoriously fun, sweaty and infectious. They breathe life into each member of the room like a contagious rock and roll virus. The band’s hardworking nature translates well into their craft and their songs are packed to the brim with pure heart and soul. This is the kind of music that can’t be faked, it is true blue artistry. Redwoods certainly shimmer in the modern sea of Ableton mumble rap and remind us that music isn’t dying at all. It is alive, well and thriving through Redwoods.