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Our first year with Noel was the Christmas of 1993. We have great memories of Shelley, Lael and I sitting around Shelley's dining room drinking a very nice beverage while rehearsing all on our repertoire.  That first year we sang 34 hours of caroling, and since that time over 20 very talented women have joined our group, some coming and going and then coming back again as life allowed.

We began in bright, festive red choir gowns, and then changed to Victorian gowns to fit the Dickensian theme. It is a lot of fun to get to play dress up, do what we love, AND get paid for it. Livin' the dream!

The list of different places we have performed is quite extensive. Some examples: in the rain among a bunch of softball fields, in front of an amazing buffet of food in many an upscale hotel, for a Saudi prince as he walked by, private dinner parties, as a young man asked his girlfriend to be his wife, at the top of a mountain surrounded by snow-encrusted skiers, beside a bonfire at a National Historic Site, for the tenants of many an office building as they came in to work and enjoyed a beverage and a treat, among a bunch of joyful children, in elegant lobbies as company employees enter to enjoy their festive staff party, in museum settings inside and outside, and, of course, for holiday shoppers in many, many shopping malls. We've even done a movie and a tv episode! It has been great fun over the years!!

We love what we do, and we love how we can give a smile to a face as they stop to listen.

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