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DJ All Good (Peter Poole) is Vancouver Island's Premier Turntablist. Starting out rocking house parties in high school, All Good carries a fun loving, anything goes type of style that always pleases. Love of great music is the foundation that his DJ house is built upon.


“DJ All Good’s style is “turntablism” which is about techniques (sampling, blends, cutting etc.) applied to music using turntables. Instead of being genre specific (hip hop, rock, house etc.) I can play any type of music with the flair of a performing artist. My Philosophy is to select choice sounds, chop and mix using turntablist techniques, and serve hot & fresh on two vinyl platters.”


DJ All Good has repeatedly proven his skills in battle, most recently as the Canadian National DMC Champion! He's also been a national finalist in the 2016 Redbull 3Style competition. All Good has been invited to jam sessions with world champion Djs, including Craze, Brace, Vekked, Shiftee, Q-bert,  DJ Woody and Vinroc. A highlight of his career was the chance to act as a guest teacher at Jam Master Jay's Scratch Academy in New York City.


Having proven himself on national and international stages, his next big project is known as "the TURNTEMPLE." this portable, mixstation travels to music festivals, schools, and communities with a hands on approach to the preservation of vinyl based DJing.

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