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Scott Jacobs’ music has taken him around the world, from playing festival gigs in Australia, singing in cruise ship lounges in Bora Bora, to even busking on the streets of his hometown of Vancouver. It all had begun with a gift from his grandfather. 


Music has always been a part of his family, his upbringing, and now a huge part of his identity. At the early age of 11, his grandfather gave him the best gift any kid could ask for: A 1941 “National New Yorker” Archtop Electric Guitar. The guitar was played endlessly by his grandfather, an accomplished jazz musician. An unlucky accident however would take away his use of two fingers on his left hand, and his music career came to a premature end. Decades later, upon seeing his curiosity and love for music, he knew the guitar wouldn’t go unplayed any longer. The second he plugged in that guitar and strummed his first chord, he was hooked. To put it simply, he creates music and art because it’s his favorite thing on the planet, and the only thing that makes sense to him. 


He left his hometown at the age of 18, with no doubt in his mind that music is what he was born to do. He studied music at VIU for a year, then a week after his 19th birthday, was on the other side of the world, living on a ship, and working as a musician for a cruise line. He would go on to perform for various cruise lines for a few years, during this time performing as a guitarist, and as a pianist. Although these early gigs would wet his appetite for performing, and prepare him for life as a traveling musician, he quickly realized this is not what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to return to his first love: Songwriting. 


He returned to Vancouver Island and began a career as a solo original folk musician, all while completing his diploma in Jazz performance from VIU. In 2019 he recorded his first studio album, entitled “All of Your Everything”. Co-produced with Tom Dobrzanski of the Zolas, the album was a collection of 10 original songs about the experiences of a musician on the road. The single from the album, “Indiana” went on to being played 47 times in its first week on Vancouver commercial radio. 


In the beginning of 2020 he recorded his sophomore album, entitled “Blue Electric Lights”. Despite a difficult year for musicians in 2020, he was still able to play a few hundred small outdoor gigs in the summer of 2020. Things picked up again in 2021 as Covid restrictions in BC were eased, and he was able to play another few hundred outdoor shows around Vancouver, Vancouver Island and Whistler in 2021. Currently he's been spending a lot of time during the pandemic writing new music, and going forward he hopes to get the chance to record these new songs. 

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