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Robert Castillo is one of the most trusted & experienced names in the BMX entertainment industry. With 30 plus years of experience, you’re guaranteed to get nothing but the best BMX Freestyle Stunt Show that money can buy!

In 1986, Robert Castillo became a factory team rider for GT Bicycles. He went onto win 3-AFA National Championships. After 9 years of touring with some of the biggest names in BMX, he had a desire to do more. In 1995, he became the GT Bicycles Air Show Team Manager and for 10 years he helped run their marketing program. Robert also worked closely with GT Bicycles PD department and helped produce some of the most iconic BMX bikes in the industry.

By 1997, Robert helped GT Bicycles Air Show program become the #1 Traveling BMX Stunt Show in the nation. As a rider, proven champion & performer, he has worked with the industries most recognized names, performed at every major theme park, including having his own act in the Vegas hit show “ALAKAZAM”. 


Robert Castillo has proven to be a respected producer, manager, designer, announcer, educator, pro BMX athlete and entertainer. Robert has a career 10,000+ shows performed, managed and produced to date.

A lot of Robert’s ambition and love for the sport not only came from Pro BMX riders that he looked up to, but from GT Bicycles founders Gary Turner and Rich Long. They are true pioneers in the Sport of BMX and changed the lives of many, including Robert’s.  

And last, but certainly not least, at 50 years of age Robert still rides, performs, competes and was recently nominated for the Texas BMX Hall of Fame for 2019.  Robert has utilized his experience, talent and skills to keep his dreams alive. Something he strives on is educating the youth of America with every opportunity given. Join the most trusted name in BMX Stunt Shows and enjoy the Ride of your Life!

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