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Howard Blank is an Award Winning Celebrity Fundraising and Entertainment Force!

Think of Howard As

✓ Your celebrity auctioneer
✓ Your Master of Ceremonies
✓ Your fundraising collaborator
✓ Your guest speaker
✓ Your creative force for new ideas and opportunities
✓ Your go to impresario for connection to celebrities, media, and the world of entertainment

An award winning passionate entertainment and media executive who is proud to build upon key relationships with so many people and organizations locally, nationally and internationally. 

Howard Blank uses his talents as a superb auctioneer to raise funds for charity initiatives in our Province. Howard has a way of telling a story and motivating an audience. Over the past thirty years, Howard has helped raise over one hundred million dollars benefitting local organizations. Exceedingly generous with his time not only as an auctioneer but also as a community board member, Howard is passionate about philanthropy and community well-being for British Columbians.

Amp up your hosting, emcee, and auctioneer package with Howard with an add-on that includes guaranteed coverage on – Western Canada’s most award-winning blog!

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