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KASIA (Kasia Fryklund) is a DJ, music producer and artist based out of Vancouver and Miami Beach. With a unique blend of high-energy and ground-breaking new sounds, KASIA's music seamlessly fuses together elements of bass house, melodic house, techno, and ethereal music to create a genre that is entirely her own. As a classically trained pianist, KASIA has been honing her musical skills since the age of six and played in a variety of bands growing up. Her brand pairs melodic synths with otherworldly tones, creating magical combinations that are sure to take listeners on an unforgettable journey.


By collaborating with live musicians, she is able to bring the organic and human element into her music, creating a more dynamic and authentic sound. This fusion of live instrumentation with electronic beats adds a new dimension to her music, taking listeners on a journey that is both spiritual and energizing. KASIA's music is more than just a listening experience; it is a gateway

to connect with our higher selves. Her goal is to create music that elevates the human experience, opening up new avenues of connection and understanding.


This year she has played dozens of shows in BC. This summer KASIA played at the Rifflandia music festival in Victoria and received funding from FACTOR Canada for artist development. KASIA is set to release the first single of her new album this December. A future collaboration

with The Funk Hunters is also in the works. Currently, she has works signed to 9MM Spain, 404 Deep House Records and Power Sound, LA.

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