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Get ready to experience the ultimate in live entertainment with OK!FUN!


Hailing from the vibrant city of Vancouver, BC, this high-energy event band is guaranteed to bring the fun to any occasion.

Led by top 40 Canadian Idol finalist Paul Filek, OK!FUN! delivers an unforgettable

entertainment experience that will leave your guests wanting more. With a diverse

repertoire spanning across genres from the 90's to NOW, including pop, rock, pop country, and dance, they have the perfect soundtrack for any event.

OK!FUN! is comprised of a talented five or six-piece band, ensuring a full and dynamic

sound that will captivate your audience. Their lineup features seasoned musicians and

charismatic performers who know how to engage the crowd and create a lively atmosphere. Just like a skilled DJ seamlessly blending songs, OK!FUN! creates

electrifying medleys that flow effortlessly from one hit to the next, ensuring a continuous musical experience without any lulls or awkward transitions. Their expertly curated sets keep the dance floor packed and the energy high throughout the entire

night. They know how to read

the crowd, maintaining an energetic momentum that keeps everyone grooving and

singing along.

With OK!FUN!, you can expect a flawless production from start to finish. They handle

all aspects of their performance, providing top-of-the-line sound equipment, lighting,

and a dedicated sound engineer to ensure a memorable and immersive experience.

Whether you're planning a wedding celebration, corporate event, or any special occasion that calls for exceptional live music, OK!FUN! is your go-to choice. Let them take your event to new heights and create unforgettable memories for you and your


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