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Courtney Hunt’s sweet, yet powerful voice and expressive songwriting capture her sincere love of music and have garnered her much attention. A country girl born and raised, Courtney has been writing and performing music since childhood.

Courtney has been touring Western Canada for the past 6 years as a front woman in the veteran country event band “Appaloosa” playing many major BC festivals including Rockin’ River main stage, BCNE, Armstrong IPE, Hope Brigade Days, and more.

Now, she is planning to make a big name in country music as a solo act. She spent the summer of 2022 on tour as an opening act for Hillside Outlaws, and plays regular weekly shows at venues across BC, through which her fun and lively performances have gained a loyal following. In 2023, Courtney has made big waves with her latest original release, Bottle This Up. Backed by a full Canadian Radio and digital marketing campaign, and reaching #20 on Sirius XM’s “Top Of The Country” in it’s first week of airplay, Bottle This Up is sure to reach hearts all over!

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