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A revelation for a revolution, COCO JAFRO slays a fusion of Afro-Funk-Latin-Soul unlocking the desire to live with freedom and move with abandon

"Guaranteed to be the life and soul of any event..Coco Jafro's dynamic combination of sounds, energy and performance are intoxicating and leave you wanting more. With incredibly talented musicians, Coco Jafro’s live performance rivals their recorded sound. Their music appeals to all ages, providing a mix of unique sounds combining jazz, reggae, funk and more. With the powerful voice of Karina Morin, this band delivers a sound that never falters.... commands the entire venue with a positive energetic vibe... Children were dancing with delight, people all ages were moving to the infectious beat."

"A great voice and a driving rhythm can give a band incredible power. Coco Jafro uses that power for good not evil. It's vintage funk and 21st century urban cool."

- Cal Koat,

"A true potential of being one of the premier funk/soul acts in western Canada." 

- Feedback Magazine

"Eclectic and hard-hitting. ..Think SANTANA gigging with FELA KUTI garnished with hints of SADE, THE BRAND NEW HEAVIES... even the whole DAP TONE thing! Yes, sounds odd – but it works." - Soul and Jazz and Funk . com

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