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CEASE & DESIST Are sure to make your party a great one. They present themselves as the consummate professionals that they are and are always happy to do your special requests. Most jobs they have done in the past have rewarded them with return engagements.

The band's song list is extensive. They take great pride in their versatility. To hear them play an “Andrews Sisters” song to a “Garth Brooks” song to a “Joni Mitchell” song to an “AC/DC” song back to back, verbatim, (if that’s what the request is) is not uncommon and highly entertaining.

Their song list covers a SIXTY-YEAR SPAN of top music hits!

Now a little about the band...

Drummer/vocalist - Marc LaFrance 

has been involved in the music industry for over 4 decades and is a well-known and highly regarded industry professional. He has performed as a drummer or singer on over 100 albums, has done countless recording sessions and live performances. Some of his present and past accomplishments include:
Drummer for Randy Bachman and Bachman & Turner and has recorded with a vast array of prominent recording artists including Bachman & Turner, Crowcuss, Chilliwack, Payolas, Loverboy, Glass Tiger, Alice Cooper, Mötley Crüe, Bon Jovi, Cher, Carly Simon, Poison, The Cult, David Lee Roth, Scorpions and many others.

Bass/guitar/piano/vocalist - Mick Dalla-Vee


taught himself to first play the guitar at age 10 after losing his mother to cancer. In an enviable career, the Cease & Desist front man, bassist and guitarist has also become a very busy studio producer, musician, arranger and vocalist. Mick attained Gold and Platinum status for his work with Bachman & Turner (Live in New York City 2010) amongst other musical awards (3 gold awards, one independent album award) and co-written or written everything from country to smooth jazz. Mick has played bass and been lead singer for Canadian rock legend Randy Bachman (The Guess Who, Bachman Turner Overdrive) for 17 years, played upright bass at the prestigious Montreal Jazz Festival and keyboards for Grammy Award-winning R&B diva Melanie Fiona and as well, he contributed vocals to projects by Mötley Crüe and Trooper, and created soundscapes for TV programs such as HGTV’s popular Holmes Makes Right series since 2012 

Guitar/bass/vocalist - Brent Howard 


released an album 1996 of mostly self-written country music. The album was produced by award-winning producer Tony Rudner and enlisted the work of some well-known Nashville musicians. To date, Brent has released the fourth of four singles from his self-titled album and has had three charted videos on C.M.T., Canada’s Country music Channel. The first single, “What is and Isn’t Mine” climbed to #15 across Canada on the radio charts. His fourth single with accompanying video, “The Wrangler” reached the “Top 20” on radio in Western Canada. The video for “What is and Isn’t Mine” (Brent’s first single) was “Pick of the Week” on N.C.N. in the summer of 1996. Immediate plans are for Brent’s new album. 

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